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                                                                              Here you will find pieces hand-made by the artist,
                                                                             Misti Cleveland. You will also find classes, events,
                                                                             patterns, kits & much more fun stuff!
                                                                             With Mistiís Jewelry, there is a little something for
                                                                             just about everyone, and every pocketbook.
Here you will find pieces hand-made by the artist. Browse our Ready-To-Wear Accessories. You're sure to find something to suit your style or that of a loved one.
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Welcome to Misti's Jewelry!

........Thank you for visiting Misti's Jewelry! Whether you are shopping online for a gift, looking for patterns, tools and supplies to do-it-yourself, wanting to take a class, host a DIY party, or prefer to shop at home with friends, Mistiís Jewelry has it all.
........On the Shopping Page are beautiful, custom designed necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and other fine jewelry of top quality and excellent prices.  Whether you are interested in classic, contemporary, traditional, or even the latest styles, Misti's Jewelry has the fashions on trend to suit just about every taste and pocketbook.  Her creations feature Swarovski Elements crystals, Japanese seed beads, glass beads, gem stones, and many other fine quality products.  If you do not see what you'd like, Misti's Jewelry will custom design your most desired, dazzling bling.
........You may also choose to take Misti's Jewelry-making Classes and create your own sparkling accessories.  With a couple of classes with easy-to-understand, friendly instruction, you may even start to design your own jewelry!
........So, sit back, relax, shop, enjoy Misti's Blog, "On the Bead Mat", check out the latest Newsletter.  And, please take a look at the "Because I Care" page, where you will find all sorts of helpful, hopeful, and self-protection information...because I really do care...   From the Bead Mat to the Heart.

for business

The following is a list of stores or shows where I teach, or businesses that have helped me with mine*:


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